Who We Are

Vision and Values

New Voice is a company built on integrity, passion, expertise and commitment.

It operates with a ‘can-do’ attitude, the glass is half full and there’s always another way. Challenges are not avoided they are required to keep the engines running and the eyes smiling. Partnering with individuals and businesses alike to make a positive impact is modus operandi and building lasting, mutually-rewarding relationships is key to the success of New Voice.

New Voice operates with these values:

  • Being resourceful, accountable, considered and focused;
  • Not afraid of taking risks;
  • Working collaboratively;
  • Seeing the bigger picture.

New Voice chooses to work with people who are aligned with those values, who expect and strive for excellence, who have fun doing what they do and who are passionate.

Our Customers

Leadership Team

Sarah Schubert

Sarah Schubert

Sarah has over 20 years’ experience in public speaking, training and international HR roles.
Skye Abernethy

Skye Abernethy

Senior Human Resources Consultant
Skye has over 15 years’ experience in human resources operations, people leadership, facilitation, project management and international HR roles.

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