Proactive and appropriate people practices allow businesses to engage, develop and excite their most important resource… their people. When a team is performing cohesively, having regular, consistent and value-add HR touch points is important to ensure employee actions, issues and processes are managed pro-actively. The size of the team, maturity of the organisation, priorities and operating processes with determine what HR processes are required and when. It’s about putting your employees at the heart of your processes, policies and plans. It’s the employees that will execute the business strategy, so it must start with them.

Based on our experience working with a broad spectrum of organisations in a variety of industries, from start-ups to SMEs to MNC regional offices, HRTouch™ has been involved in different HR processes at critical stages of the business.

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The People Practice solutions provided by New Voice are built on a foundation of expertise and excellence. They provide flexibility in application and approach and are always based on a strong mutual understanding of the end goal.


Case Studies

Project Management Organisation

Working with a Project Management organisation, our consultants were able to support the business by providing HR expertise with regards to employment contracts for the region. The client was looking to create employment contract templates to drive consistency and compliance for their SEA operations. The consultant prepared the documents and briefed the client on relevant employment legislation resulting in compliant and efficient processes for their HR team.

Sports and Marketing Organisation

This organisation came to New Voice as a referral to assist with a re-organisation they were about to undertake. By understanding clearly what the client was looking for New Voice was able to deploy a Change Management Consultant to provide project management expertise for all stages of the communication roll out as well as key deliverables in each juncture.

Commencing with a comprehensive 60 day communication project plan, our Consultant established an internal ‘task team’ to manage the key stakeholders for this re-alignment and to create a shared need.

The legacy that New Voice left behind was a Stakeholder Analysis, Risk Mitigation breakdown, and a thorough Leaders Communications Toolkit to support the organisation to move forward under the new structure.

Global Technology Organisation

Having recently set up a Regional office in Singapore this organisation needed help in expanding across the Region into Australia, Hong Kong and Japan. With no HR Manager on the ground, the New Voice consultant had dedicated time in the office to liaise and communicate with staff and Managers and regularly updated the senior HR Leader who was based in the US.

Over 2.5 years, New Voice supported the business in growing its headcount by 400%, establishing consistent and locally appropriate Benefit policies in Australia and Singapore, establishing new entities and offices in Hong Kong and Japan and strengthening the management practices through regular Leader conversations and feedback sessions.

Feedback from the Regional VP at the end of the assignment was: “I look forward to the opportunity to work with New Voice again and would recommend them to any Business Leader who needs a strategic partner to drive the people agenda in an organisation.”