Supporting and developing leaders is essential for the success of any business. And leaders of today, no matter where they are in the organisation, need more support than ever before. The world we have to operate in is more volatile, more unpredictable, more complex and more ambiguous (VUCA). The method of working 24/7, constantly being ‘on call’ and focusing all our energy on execution, is not sustainable. Something has to give and generally it’s someone’s sanity.

New Voice offers a range of solutions to help businesses help their leaders in the right way.


Transforming Leadership Behaviour
unique, transformative learning experiences


Leader Assessment Tools – measure the right impact at the optimal time


Developing a leader culture – identify the right competencies that drive business success

In addition to our skills based workshops, there are two distinctive, experiential processes designed and delivered by New Voice. These are ‘Walk the Talk’ and ‘Play It Out™’.

Walk the Talk provides a unique experience for leaders and professionals to discover how they really impact others by working with horses.

Play It Out™ empowers people going through change by connecting them to the purpose and benefits of that change. As the name suggests, participants play with the change concept by building scenarios using Lego and other materials. They literally: “make it today to build for tomorrow”.

Case Studies

Government Ministry – Brunei

Government Ministry – BruneiThe New Voice team was engaged by one of the Government Ministries in Brunei to develop a competency framework for their HQ of over 2,000 people. It needed to align with existing Government-wide frameworks and at the same time reflect the unique-ness of this Ministry and support the 5 years Strategic Plan. The team spent a month speaking to individual Leaders in the Ministry, running Focus Groups and workshops with all levels of staff to understand the key behaviours and performance indicators for high potential staff. This was then consolidated into a framework which was further validated through workshops for key stakeholders and a Ministry-wide survey to ensure the language and reference points used were appropriate for the environment. The project is ongoing but after the first six months, the Ministry had a framework that was aligned to their environment and plan, they had key stakeholders engaged through the communication activities New Voice arranged and facilitated and had a Booklet and Roll out guide for the project team to use in the subsequent activities.

Local Hospitality Organisation

Local Hospitality OrganisationNew Voice supported a large local Singaporean business that was quite limited in its HR practices. The request was to develop leadership tools and workshops to support their IT function which consisted of approximately 100 IT professionals. Interventions were developed based on their annual Employee Survey results being analysed and establishing the root cause for communication challenges and employee engagement.
The programme ran close to two years and consisted of Collaboration workshops, New Manager Assimilations, One-to-One Coaching Programmes and 360° Feedback Assessments. Working closely with the CIO, our consultants were able to build a high level of trust and became a confidant for the participants resulting in valuable feedback and coaching for all parties.
The success of the Programme spoke for itself with Leaders requesting to participate in the future sessions instead of being nominated. Please see below for some key insights:

I learned about some habits I initially thought I had fixed but have been referenced through the 360’s. Helps me get a non-biased 3rd party perception others have on me.

What hit me the most is the lack of time I’ve spent with my team, which is something I’m rectifying today, and I can see positive changes already in the team morale this early in the year.

The feedback received from the team gave a positive outlook and at the same time helped me understand what skills I need to improve on. Assertiveness is something that I had to improve on which I have started working on and have some progress made on the way I approach things.

Since our organisation doesn’t have a formal 360 feedback or other feedback process, this programme is very useful and must continue. This gives TMs an opportunity to provide feedback to their managers and stakeholders. With so many management changes, the results from this also helps as a supporting document during annual performance reviews.

Mobile Technology Organisation

Mobile Technology OrganisationNew Voice supported this innovative Mobile Technology organisation to create and roll-out a leadership programme focusing on key management skills for their team leaders. The programme was a modular format with pre-work, face to face sessions and homework set to ensure the learning was ongoing during the 16 weeks learning cycle. Some of the areas of focus included coaching and feedback where participants ‘role played’ and provided feedback to their peers. One participant quoted: ‘it is very ‘meaty’ and gives you a lot of tools and skills; it covers most aspects of the challenges we are facing as Leaders.’
The General Manager was the champion and sponsor of the programme and gave the following feedback:

I enjoyed the outputs from each module and in particular enjoyed watching the team grow as they gained more knowledge through the process. The module order coincided with issues we were having across the office and we have seen many resolutions put in place resulting from the knowledge gained in the leadership training.

The Singapore pilot Programme is now being taken to their other offices globally.