We partner, we guide and we support senior Leaders in their career development and personal growth. Our aim, clearly and simply, is to maximise potential.

Using different coaching tools we help leaders leverage what makes them great today and use their skills and talents more optimally. There is always a focus for the coaching sessions and a personal development agenda is set at the beginning of the journey so that success can be more easily measured.

Through our collaborations and partnerships, we have a diverse panel of coaches we work with depending on the need of the unique situation. This diversity includes a Voice coach, Mindfulness coach, Synchronicity & Resilience coach, Change management coach, Cultural Awareness coach and the list goes on. It has allowed us to build numerous successful coaching relationships in multiple industries, countries and across all levels of leadership, helping Executives achieve sustainable change and positive growth, personally and professionally.

Over the course of a typical New Voice coaching process, participants will be challenged and encouraged. It begins with both the coach and coachee creating thoughtful, focused learning experiences that will address the executive’s development needs and goal of the coaching process. New Voice coaches are trained to look at the whole picture – the environment and person and combine business acumen with human behaviour expertise so that the sessions also don’t lose sight of the broader business objectives.

Vocal Coaching

New Voice appreciates the significance of having a voice that is in tune with your image and purpose. You may have a great message but if you cannot deliver it with the right intensity and meaning, it is lost.

At New Voice we have consultants who specialise in this field: a mixture of people who have come from the performing arts arena, voice-over artists and those who specialise in phonetics and accents. This allows us to blend voice development with business and personal productivity in a unique way.

Our specialists have worked with people at all levels of the organisation, helping them truly listen to their voice, analyse it and identify the strengths and areas of improvement. By applying the four basic tenets of voice – breath, pace, articulation and tone – leaders have become more engaging and inspiring, professionals have become more influential and respected and sales people have become more trusted and persuasive.

We work with individuals and groups alike. Our most popular method is the Present with Impact workshop that runs quarterly in Singapore. We only open this up to 8 participants to ensure the learning is personal, focused and sustainable. Click here to find out when the next Present with Impact workshop is being held (link to wherever we decide the open workshops go).

The key priority for Team Coaching is to help the team answer the question of “Why Do We Work?” and raising the bar on excellence in results. This can be done through further defining the vision and mission, understanding the big rocks that bring the purpose to life and identifying the behaviours of high performing teams that support all of the above.

Using different analysis tools and experiences, New Voice will help the team understand the key talents of each team member and enable them to contribute at their best. The aim is to connect the team at a ‘human’ level, slowing down to plan and think critically and strategically and having a plan to operationalise the purpose.

If you would like to find out more about the Team Coaching process we use and can implement, contact us here.

Help others to help yourself – this is a good mantra to live by. By being accessible, available and willing to help others in the team opens up a whole world of options and guarantees success. New Voice has worked with a number of organisations to implement and manage Peer Coaching and mentoring Programmes and has seen first hand the positive impact these have on employees’ productivity, resilience, morale and team work.

Rather than there being one coach in the room, there are multiple so the opportunity to gain insight and a way forward is magnified. This coaching process has proved to be one of the most significant for employees because they build strong relationships, they receive support for challenges they are facing, they give their time and expertise to help others and they gain a broader understanding of the organisation.

For organisations it has been equally beneficial because they have employees’ helping each other, problems and challenges don’t always have to come back up the chain to the Leader or HR, employees are building resilience when faced with issues and camaraderie is strengthened. Where we have implemented a Peer Coaching programme with Clients, they have seen instant results and the ease with which the programme can run means it is not time consuming or laborious in its application.

If you would like to find out more about the Peer Coaching programmes we have run and can implement for your team, contact us here.

Points of You believe that personal and professional growth begins with pausing for reflection. Our method enables you to take a step back from your daily routine and look at various issues from different perspectives.

Points of You

If you would like to find out more about how you can use the Points of You tools for yourself or your team, take a look at the tools listed below or contact us here.

Coaching Tools:
Points of You – Coaching Game

Points of You – Journals
Points of You – Punctum

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Case Studies

Individual Coaching

CoachingAn individual approached New Voice to support their return to the workforce after a leave of absence. New Voice prepared an individual coaching programme focused on interview practices, resume preparation, and voice technique for the client. New Voice met with the client on a regular basis to ensure they were sufficiently prepared for their job interview. After just a number of months, the client was successful in obtaining her ideal job.

International Humanitarian Organisation

CoachingNew Voice vocal coach was retained to help one of the Senior Executives whose main goal was to be more impactful in employee communications, specifically to be more energising, engaging and succinct. He also wanted a broader vocabulary and to perfect his articulation. Our coach worked with him for about a year and colleagues and peers commented on the great improvement they could see and hear. Comments included that he started to apply more structure to his presentation, he opened with “oomph” and closed with a call to action, he was more confident and because he enjoyed presenting, he looked more relaxed and natural.

Regional Technology Company

CoachingA Manager was required to deliver a presentation at a large conference and had never presented to such a large audience before. She was nervous, doubted her ability to deliver a succinct message and was conscious the topic was very dry so wanted to be able to ‘lighten’ the content. New Voice vocal coach worked with her on her delivery techniques, strengthening her voice and tonality as well as managing nerves through deep breathing. The story-telling technique was also explored and applied to make the content more engaging and understandable. After she had presented, the feedback she received was great, plus she really felt like she ‘nailed it’ and was ready to present at more conferences.