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Delegating is hard.
People not following simple instructions is frustrating.
Finding time to lead when there is so much to do is impossible.

How we do business has evolved and so has the role leaders play. They are the coach, the communicator, the glue for the team, the motivator and inspirer and the person responsible for reaching year on year, double digit growth targets.

It’s tough, it’s a role that is a lot of hard work and takes commitment. And yet we often find ourselves in leader roles, without realising what we have signed up for so no wonder things are hard, frustrating & impossible.

The key differentiator between the leaders who manage the responsibilities and those that don’t is the level of awareness they have of themselves and those around them and knowing what optimises their success and triggers their failure.

Walk the Talk is a powerful, hands on, experiential, out of the box development workshop that takes leaders on a personal journey developing self-awareness, identifying strategies that increase personal effectiveness in times of challenge, recognising the triggers that could lead to failure and committing to actions to make sustainable change.

This two day course combines time spent completing challenging exercises with horses, powerful group video analysis, thought provoking peer discussion, tool application and facilitation, and action planning to integrate the learning back to the workplace.

It is ideal for leaders who need to refresh, renew and redefine what their success strategies are; experienced senior coaches who need to inspire and maintain peak performance in others yet remain grounded themselves.

Walk the Talk is offered through a partnership between Executive coach Sarah Schubert from New Voice and Andrew Froggatt and Sam Glazebrook, equine experts from Lead the Way  based in New Zealand.

It can be run in-house and tailored to focus on communication, relationship building, leadership and team building skills. It can be for intact or newly formed leadership teams or strategic workgroups who have key deliverables in a specific timeframe.

Click here to view a video from a recent Walk the Talk session that we ran at the beginning of February 2017.

Remember: You can claim the investment you make in this training under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme. This scheme awards you a 400% tax deduction and / or cash payout at 60% on up to $100,000 spent. These cash payouts can be claimed on a quarterly basis. For more information go to: