Present with Impact
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Do you know the impression your voice makes on your audience? Do you struggle with presenting factual yet important information? Do you lack confidence in front of an audience, large or small? Do you sometimes fail to connect with your audience?

If you have answered “yes” to at least one of these questions then I have the solution for you. Over the last few months, we have been developing a unique workshop that puts a spin on Presentation Skills and introduces a vocal technique that has not been offered anywhere in Singapore before.

If you are ready for something different, something personal, something focused and impactful then this Masterclass is just for you. We only open the workshop to 8 participants to ensure there is time for personal Coaching, application and practice of the key techniques.

This workshop will develop your presentation skills from start to finish. Starting with your voice, you will be trained using the Hudson Voice Technique™ that is the only recognised technique for improving spoken vocal delivery. New Voice has teamed up with Expatise that is the only Company in Singapore licensed to teach it, to bring a unique and holistic workshop that is not being offered anywhere else in Asia.

By the end of the intense 2 days, you will know how to access your ‘Number 5’ voice, you will learn the techniques used by voiceover artists, you will refine your message and be able structure it in an easy to understand way, you will appreciate the audience and the environment / culture you are presenting in and be conscious of what you look like, what you sound like, what’s good and what’s not so good and know how to make change.


  • Develop a first class voice that speaks confidence by learning how to bring clarity to your message, energise your delivery and control your voice at critical times
  • Create and practice an impactful introduction to grab the audience’s attentio
  • Be conscious of body language and gestures and how they can strengthen the message but also distract the audience
  • Understand the importance of defining the goal of the presentation and analysing the audience
  • Make your presentation authentic and engaging by developing your executive presence and using the art of storytelling
  • Three recorded presentations through the 2 days


  • Participants’ “before” and “after” recordings will be assessed at the headquarters of Voice Master International in London by Steve Hudson, the creator of the Hudson Voice Technique™
  • Participants will identify their optimal voice and know how to use it to create the best impact
  • The presentations from Day 1 will be given to the participants on a thumb drive at the end of the day for their review; they will receive the remaining recordings at the end of the workshop. For continuous learning
  • Participants will have access to online modules after the workshop for ongoing practice.

About the Trainers

Sarah Schubert, Director of New Voice Communications, is a strong believer that success speaks for itself. She coaches and trains leaders and professionals to use their voice and communication skills to empower and excite people, and partners with businesses to implement transparent and successful communication strategies to ensure everyone is aligned.
She unleashes people’s potential through their voices and her interactive, fun workshops are a unique blend of voice development solutions and business and personal productivity. They are based on a foundation of over 20 years experience in public speaking, training and international HR roles with large MNCs. Her career has spanned Europe, ANZ and Asia with the last 5years being based in Singapore.
Sarah has Gold LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) Award, a degree in Psychology, a postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (CIPD), a Diploma in TESOL & is DISC certified.
Jessica Wootton runs Expatise: Voice, Editorial & Production Services. She is a voiceover artist , a writer/editor and TV Producer and has over 12 years experience in production and broadcasting for global brands such as Discovery, the BBC, National Geographic and Disney.

She has a Masters in Science Communication from Imperial College, London and is Singapore’s only licensed trainer in the Hudson Voice Technique™.
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