“Make it today to build for tomorrow.”

Most of us avoid change because it’s risky, requires effort and it’s unknown. There are a few of us who welcome change, we see it as an opportunity to start again or improve ourselves, lives, businesses, teams.
What’s the difference? Why do some of us avoid it and some of us welcome it?
Quite often it’s the pre-conceptions, the assumptions we have made about the change that stop us moving forward. The things we tell ourselves about the impact the change will have; it’s about how much we understand the change that is happening and the importance we place on it.
Play It Out™ is a training concept that empowers people going through change by connecting them to the purpose and benefits of that change at a deeper level. It is a proven, experiential learning process that creates a shift in the mindsets of participants.
It is a unique experience that allows people to get up close and personal with the change process and see it for what it really is. It strips away the assumptions and judgments that as humans we automatically make and that often stop us moving forward; the biases we tell ourselves that cloud our 20:20 vision.
Participants physically move through a change concept by ‘playing out’ and building different scenarios. These scenarios are linked to the change the organisation is going through and the ‘play’ is focused on something familiar, for example shopping at a supermarket or using a bank’s services. Linking the organisation process to something we do personally, every day provides an opportunity for people to see the change differently: it becomes simpler, less scary, more understandable.
The experiential learning process of building and the kinesthetic elements of the workshop, help to create new thinking around the change process and accelerate the acceptance and willingness to support the change.
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