manager October 10, 2016 No Comments

Whilst we rush around and congratulate ourselves on finding even more things we can digitise, I just want to stop the clock and remember the value of physical things and places.

My first job was working in a library and I think it is still my favourite job to this day. I cannot really put my finger on what it was I loved so much about it, perhaps the fact I was  book worm and loved to read, maybe I loved the quietness or it was my first taste of financial independence. It was probably a mixture of these things and more: I was a teenager and going through the typical teenager angst and for 1 day a week I could hide myself among the shelves and be nose deep in a book, without any interruptions. It help me through the rest of the week.

Call it serendipitous but I was just thinking about that time and about how much I love libraries and book stores and I saw this lovely story about a girl called Storm Reyes whose life was literally saved by a library.

Let’s continue advancing but not so much that we forget the comfort and hope physical presence and community can bring to people.