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manager March 18, 2016 No Comments

Are you ready to bring the leader within you out?

Discover how you can take your leadership and communication to the next level and maintain your authentic style.

Having awareness of how you impact people, processes and profits is essential to success. Awareness-based Leadership is about knowing yourself, accepting yourself and liking what you see. Leaders who have this clarity set themselves apart because they can:

  • Make better decisions
  • Be more focused in their actions
  • Build more inclusive teams
  • Accept and deal with changes and conflicts more easily and effectively

But how do we build that awareness?

This is where the Horses come in.

Horses give us the most honest feedback we could ever wish to receive. They act like mirrors and if we are not being authentic, clear and confident in what we say and do with them they won’t listen and they won’t move. They are great levelers – they don’t care who you are, how busy your day or week is or what position you hold. They need the same thing from a Receptionist as they do from a VP.

Sarah Schubert from New Voice has partnered with Andrew Froggatt & Sam Glazebrook from Lead The Way, equine experts from New Zealand to bring all these elements together and provide a learning experience like no other.

Join us on the 7th April 2016, for this Experiential Evening where Andrew will demonstrate how clarity, confidence and consciousness allow you to influence a 600kg animal. He will demonstrate how those three elements allow you to build a relationship based on agreed and understood standards, trust and openness. Through the demonstration and dialogue you will understand that it all starts with you and how aware (and honest) you are about your leadership impact on others.

If you can go back to basics, deepen your awareness and learn how to build that with a horse, imagine what you can do with your team….

Register today to discover more about this unique experiential learning process and how you and your team can be a part of something transformational.

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