manager September 23, 2016 No Comments

HR is consistently under a critical spotlight with commentators highlighting all the things the department, the people within it, the leaders etc are not doing, or are doing poorly.  I don’t see the same focus on Finance or Risk or Compliance and the attention is flattering but begs the question why are people so interested?

I hear horror stories of how some HR functions work, from my husband, from my friends, from colleagues and it really annoys me that these practices continue.  For example, expecting 1 HR professional to effectively counsel and support over 100 business managers (i.e. Clients), outsourcing key HR practices to the point where employees don’t actually ever speak to a real person in HR, let alone someone in the same building, or being so focused on metrics and report generation that HR professionals spend more time on conference calls with their internal function leaders than they do in the business supporting the managers they are generating the reports about! And the list continues.

I agree HR is far from perfect. Criticising from a (safe) distance or from a place of no experience doesn’t help either.

People are interested because let’s face it, love it or hate it, HR is at the heart of an organisation and everyone is impacted by them. I remember when I was working in  HR in a large MNC, I would answer questions ranging from “who do we buy loo paper from?” through to “we are selling the business, what are the redundancy policies in Singapore, Japan, Thailand and Korea?” in any given day. Admit it, you wouldn’t know what to do without HR.

And instead of bashing it, why don’t you be involved in the dialogue?

I am really pleased to have been asked to Chair the Leadership in HR Asia Congress 2016 on the 4 & 5 October, here in Singapore. Businesses with any sense have a strong focus on the emerging Asian markets but to capture the opportunities depends in large part of the quantity and quality of Asia Leadership teams. These teams are currently in short supply in the Region.

The Congress aims to bring senior, experienced HR and Business leaders together to discuss how HR can change and shift its focus and strategies and how business teams can collaborate more to tackle this specific leadership challenge. It presents expert panels, case studies, thinking sessions  and dialogue breakouts to hear and learn from the people who have had and are having success in managing this in their businesses.

Join in the dialogue on the 4th & 5th October 2016 and be part of the future of business in Asia. Click on the link below for more information.