Identifying what successful leadership and high performance looks like at your organisation is a key step in developing your leadership strategy. Defining the key characteristics and competencies is a difficult job and can often feel like you are going round in circles, unable to see the ‘wood for the trees’.

Employee engagement and commitment comes from being able to identify with an organisation’s purpose and ethos. This organisational culture needs to permeate everything you do, it needs to be demonstrated in how you behave, how you make decisions, how (and what) you reward.

There is no wrong or right culture; some can be more effective than others and this is because the culture drives the organisation, it comes alive through the actions and behaviours of everyone in the organisation vs just being a bunch of words on the wall.

You need to develop the right culture for what you are trying to achieve, it needs to be clear and easy to connect with. It won’t be for everyone and that’s OK because your people decisions will be driven by fit for culture and not just fit for job.

So, how do you develop a leader culture?

Evaluate >Develop > Model > Launch > Validate

New Voice uses a trusted and proven ‘Fifth Level Methodology’ to help clients complete this key process.

As shown above, starting with the Evaluate phase, we spend time researching your organisation, talking to employees, leaders and customers, creating a picture of the environment and needs. Discussions, focus groups, testing of concepts, surveys, competitions are all activities that will happen here.

The team then moves diligently through each subsequent stage of Develop, Model, Launch and Validate to make sure the behaviours, success factors and frameworks that have been developed are fit for purpose.


At New Voice, we have developed a framework for clients as their first step in Leadership capability development and for other clients we have updated and refreshed an existing framework in light of business changes and new challenges.

No matter how advanced (or not) your leadership strategy is, the size of your organisation, the industry you work in or where you are in the world, New Voice will help to identify and develop the right competencies that will drive business results and success.