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sarah August 1, 2017 No Comments

“You need to develop your Executive Presence.”

Hands up if you have received this as feedback?  Or maybe you have heard someone mention it and thought to yourself: sounds good, but what actually is Executive Presence?

You are not alone in wondering what this popular, catch all term refers to. A lot of people are told to develop it but very few actually know how to define it.

Until now.

The clue to what it is, is in the title: Presence. It is all about being present so that people experience you not just through your physicality but through your emotional and spiritual presence. The quietest people in the room can have the loudest presence – just think of the Dalai Lama.

Compassionate, attentive, confident, present, considered, sincere, decisive, relaxed are all words I would use to describe it. However, here’s the rub……. it is also very personal – because ultimately it’s all about attraction.  Who I am attracted to is quite different from who you might be attracted to. The phrase, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” has never rung so true.

Maybe this is why it is hard to define because for everybody it is different?

The key to developing Executive Presence therefore, is to define who you are and what you stand for so you can be comfortable in your own skin, you can own the space you take up and be a conscious and considered individual.

Once you have that figured, you can fully focus on the individual or group standing before you because you are not distracted by your own defeating self-talk.

So, what’s your story? What do you stand for and what do you want people to experience when they meet you? Answer these questions and you are on the path to developing your own version of Executive Presence.

Here is a perfect opportunity for you to do that!

At New Voice, in partnership with Singapore Repertory Theatre, we have developed the Discover Your Executive Presence: Theatre Masterclass.

This is a unique workshop, not found elsewhere in Singapore that combines the magic and art of theatre with the practical business world in an enlightening, refreshing and unexpected way.

Over 2 days you will define and demonstrate your Executive Presence by discovering your authenticity, facing fears, leveraging your greatest strengths, supporting others, developing your and storytelling ability, owning your space and message, influencing your biggest critics and finally sharing all this in your own unique Premiere, in front of family and friends on the stage of the Singapore Repertory Theatre!

The Masterclass is running on the 4 & 11  September 2017 with only limited seats available. Click here for more information.