We don’t need more urgency or multi-tasking in our leaders; we need more time out and creative thinking.

We don’t need more judgment or bravado: we need more vulnerability and openness to failure.

And we don’t need more talk or decision making; we need more listening and coaching.

The world has changed and we need to as well. Organisations need to find a way to notice the ‘at risk’ (of burn out and not redundancy), create a culture of forgiveness and not blame, and develop a non-judgmental support system for Leaders where they can re-group, lick their wounds and re-charge.

The unique learning experiences we offer at New Voice provide those opportunities for Leaders and critical professionals within any organisation to PAUSE, take a step back and re-evaluate themselves and what they do. The challenge(s) they are confronted with forces them to dig deeper, think differently and transform their leadership. The experiences are memorable due to their unique-ness and their impact is precise due to the expertise and creativity that the team bring to the design of the learning experience.

The New Voice team has helped organisations build skillsets and develop understanding in the following areas:

    1. Leading innovation
    2. Collaboration
    3. Team work
    4. Communication & Feedback
    5. Authentic leadership and self awareness
    6. Resiliency

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