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New Voice in the News

We had the pleasure of having the ladies from Ordinary People online magazine at our recent Walk the Talk demonstration. They write stories about ordinary people, their lives and passion as inspiration for others. It was great to talk to them about what myself, Andrew and Sam have been living and breathing for a while now and have the chance to demonstrate and show it in action. Getting an independent, unbiased view of what you do is very powerful and they have just published their article on Andrew and the Walk the Talk programme.

It’s a great read and here is the link:

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Don’t just make a difference, make the right difference

What do you need to be a change leader? Well, a couple of things are needed – first you need to have a vision, then you need to know what you want and what you want to achieve and then you need to be cognisant of the impact your change will make on the team and the organisation. You may not be fully aware of the “how” but you need to have a strong conviction of the “what”.

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The secret to creativity

We’ve probably said it to ourselves and also heard other people say it, “Oh, but I’m not creative.” And we say it so many times that we start to believe it – creativity is reserved for those people who can paint a picture, design a pattern, build a piece of furniture.

Well, you are wrong and I have an exercise to prove it. I have been trying to organise and de-clutter my computer as I can never seem to find anything these days and I came across a great creative thinking exercise that I had completely forgotten about. You can use it in groups or by yourself to get the creative juices flowing and it really does work!

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Be Focused – Do It, Know It, Mix It

Since starting my business nearly 6 years ago, I have struggled maintaining focus. When I am busy I can maintain focus much more easily than when I am not busy. That doesn’t make sense to me: you’d think with the head space that quiet and no pressure offers that I would think more clearly. Apparently not.  So, I made it my mission to find out how I can maintain focus and be as productive in the quiet times as much as the busy times.  Three things made a difference for me and they are:

  1. Do It
  2. Know It
  3. Mix It

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