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Walk the Talk – Develop you authentic leadership style

Delegating is hard.
People not following simple instructions is frustrating.
Finding time to lead when there is so much to do is impossible.

How we do business has evolved and so has the role leaders play. They are the coach, the communicator, the glue for the team, the motivator and inspirer and the person responsible for reaching year on year, double digit growth targets.

It’s tough, it’s a role that is a lot of hard work and takes commitment. And yet we often find ourselves in leader roles, without realising what we have signed up for so no wonder things are hard, frustrating & impossible.

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The secret to creativity

We’ve probably said it to ourselves and also heard other people say it, “Oh, but I’m not creative.” And we say it so many times that we start to believe it – creativity is reserved for those people who can paint a picture, design a pattern, build a piece of furniture.

Well, you are wrong and I have an exercise to prove it. I have been trying to organise and de-clutter my computer as I can never seem to find anything these days and I came across a great creative thinking exercise that I had completely forgotten about. You can use it in groups or by yourself to get the creative juices flowing and it really does work!

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Mindfulness & Leadership – Examine Mindfulness as a way to fine tune your leadership style

Mindfulness is fast becoming the most popular method to alleviate anxiety, stress and even depression. It helps to make you feel more fully alive and focused.

Mindful or Awareness­ based Leadership is the conscious, intentional process of stepping back, paying attention within ourselves and outside of ourselves, to lead forward with greater authenticity, purpose and contribution. This value ­creating practice engages deeper examination, higher­ order logic, rational analysis, profound questioning, deeper listening, higher quality presence, broader perspective, greater openness to diverse thinking and input and ultimately more influential, innovative action.

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