Thinking on your feet

I’ve experienced it before – I ask the group, “Who has a question?” and a hand goes up. I’m feeling confident, I know my material so all should be OK….  But then they ask the one question I wasn’t prepared for!! Aaarrgghh, now what do I do, how do I manage to look competent whilst at the same time trying to figure out my response?? Read more

Tone of Voice

Any vocal coach worth their salt can tell you that our vocal range has 8 different octaves with 7 notes in each. Singers are exercising these ranges all the time but the rest of us don’t (really) harness that vocal variety in our speaking voices.

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Make the right impact visually and vocally

Remember that your posture makes a big difference to the quality of your voice. I was reminded of this again recently as I worked with a new client who had a tendency to push her neck forward and jut her chin up. When I asked her to sit up, keep the neck straight and look forward, the difference in the sound of her voice was immediate! Read more

RTM – Read The Manual

Are you like me? You get a new camera, have a play with it, figure out how to take a photo and view it and then basically put the manual in the box and forget about it? It drives my husband mad, especially when I then complain about the bad photos I am taking. Reading the manual saves time (in the longterm), it reduces re-work and generally means you get the best results, first time! Plus it’s good for your marriage. Reading the manual about your voice is equally as important. Read more