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Use your time and skill wisely

You are a busy manager.

You have 100 and 1 things to do and your inbox is getting fuller as you read this.

Everybody needs to talk to you, you are literally going from one meeting to the next.

All you really want to do is sit and take stock, re-connect with your team who you haven’t really ‘seen’ for weeks and feel like you are impacting someone positively, rather than just doing, doing, doing and going from one issue to the next.

Sound familiar?

I often hear this when I am facilitating my Coaching Others workshops and having been in the same position myself a few years ago, I really empathise with managers today. There is never enough time to do everything.

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Some messages we cannot and should not ignore

I have been getting a consistent message from the Universe over the last couple of weeks and it was made more apparent when I participated in a recent coaching session using the Points of You cards.

The cards that ‘chose’ me (i.e. they were face down) were Guilt, Devotion and Judgement (as you can see from the image above). Two of these cards, Guilt and Judgement could be considered negative but actually I saw them as a positive. They were a reminder of what I needed to focus on and work through in 2016. The first message around Guilt & Devotion actually came during a coaching session when I was in NZ a couple of weeks ago. I met an amazing lady, Gabriella, who has special skills as a medium and a clairvoyant and we spent 1.5hrs together exploring different areas of my life and answering some really deep questions. I had never spent such a focused time looking at me, my life, my relationships and whilst it was confronting and upsetting it was so liberating and comforting I still feel the glow now. I need to throw guilt out the window, let it go, stop allowing it to restrict and dictate what I do and don’t do; I need to be kind to myself, take time to enjoy what I want to enjoy and celebrate me! Easy to say, not so easy to do but then I got another clear message during the more recent coaching session with Points of You: the first card I picked up was the Guilt card & the second card was Devotion!

OK, ok, I get the message! So, I spent 2 hours talking to different people in the group about why Guilt had to take a backseat in 2016, why Devotion (the 2nd card I got) had to be more present and why Judgement (the 3rd card I was given) had to take more of a starring role. Judgement for me was about measuring what I do, having a focus and keeping an eye on what is being done. Time to take theright things a little more seriously…. and the key here is the ‘right’ things. Stop wasting energy on thoughts and activities that will not provide the right return on investment, whether it be emotional or financial.
The card I actually chose for myself, that just sums things up at the moment is ‘Timing’ – never before have I felt so certain about something, had the passion to see it through and the conviction that it will work.  This message keeps coming to me and is one I cannot ignore and has actually inspired me to take a leap of faith and embark on something really exciting in 2016 which will transform New Voice and define what I have known for a while but not been able to put out there.

So, find your message – STOP for a moment and really look into your life, your loves, your goals, your dreams. Once you start looking, you will be amazed what you find and what finds you.

Engage the Right Brain

We are rewarded at work for left brain thinking – following processes, logical thinking, focusing on numbers but quite often it is the right brain that when engaged actually develops the more creative solutions to complex issues and helps us access different points of view.

We need to ‘turn on’ the right brain more often, especially as we deal with this VUCA world.  It’s easy to say but how do we ‘turn it on’? I have been struggling with this for a while because I need to be more creative and I also need to guide my clients in how they can be more creative and solution focused.

I have found the answer: Points of You™ coaching tool. In fact I found the answer more than 5 years ago and over the last six months or so I have been really developing my experience of this tool and applying it a number of different ways, with teams, organisations, individuals and with myself. This twinned with more Mindful practice has resulted in some amazing breakthroughs and what I like to call ‘lightbulb moments’.

There are already 1000s of people who are using this tool globally and I want to share this tool and coaching process with more people. New Voice runs regular sessions to give people a two hours Experiential Encounter and get those ‘lightbulb moments’!

If I have piqued your interest, then click here  to find out more, to see when the next open Experiential Encounter is or to enquire about arranging one for your team. There are always limited places in the  open sessions so be quick.

Get creative!